22 September 2012

Daddy’s Little Girl

From the beginning it has been clear who was her favorite. Here I spend all my time feeding and caring for her, searching Craigs list for ponies for her, and she likes her dad best. Isn’t that just how it always goes.

He keeps saying that she won’t want a toy tractor or that she won’t like the clothes with cars or other such boy things on them cause “she’s a girl”.

Shows what he knows. She is going to grow up knowing that she can do anything a boy can do, and do it better if she tries. She will go out with daddy in the combine. She will watch over his shoulder and learn all about computers. She will go with him and have the chance to learn about every thing he does.

Don’t get me wrong she will come with me too. We will ride horses and work cows. We might even do some girly things like cook, cleaning would be taking it to far. She can be a pretty, girly sort of tomboy.

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  1. By t ellingson on

    What? Why are clothes with cars boy clothes? Why are tractors for boys? I think when she is older, Illy will decide for herself what kind of clothes and toys she favors. I bet it will be girl things, at least for a while, cause it seems to be programed in. But girls are lucky cause there are very few clothes that are \’boys only\’. Boys on the other hand, hmmm, they can get a lot of flak for girl clothes. I think they should get to wear any color they like though. Shame on us for making colors tabu for boys.


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