20160610_190541Not artificial intelligence, artificial insemination. Warning graphic content.

The neighbor and usual good help, Clint decided to AI his cattle and asked if we would be interested. We thought and talked about and decided to go ahead and try it. He has so far handled all the details with us only needing to show up. He arraigned for the needed supplies from a nice looking Short Horn bull for most of our herd and one straw from a black bull for our already very colorful Blue.

Yesterday we brought the cows in and sorted the calves off, then Clint arrived with a couple more head, an expert and supplies. Not to AI yet but to get ready to. I had no idea what was going on sometimes it’s best just to do what you are told. But for the sake of writing this I thought I should find out so I can tell about it without sounding like an idiot.

So, they inserted CIDR inserts. CIDR means controlled internal drug release. They are plastic and T shaped, coated with hormones to bring the cows into heat. They are used along with a shot of GnRH,  to synchronize the cattle so they would all come into heat at the same time. Now in seven days they will pull the CIDR out and give an injection of a prostaglandin F2. After that they will be ready to inseminate in around sixty hours, less for heifers more for cows.

What are all these things? What do all those letters stand for? I don’t know and really can only do so much research, children and all that. Maybe I’ll look into it with the next installment.



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