5 March 2016

What we do to Keep Busy

I often get the impression that my brother and my father for sure can’t figure out how we can stand to live out here in the sticks where there is nothing to do.

We have ways of keeping oueselves busy. They may not involve movies, museums and library’s, not that we don’t have those but they’re so far away and we are so busy doing other things, who has time?







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  1. By justin on

    all I can think is how dangres pic 18 is . she looks happy on ona

  2. By Neversummer on

    Really that one? They\’re good sturdy old tables, but yeah not the best. I thought it would be the next one where he\’s trying to poke her eye out with a stick as she goes down.

  3. By tellingson on

    cute pictures. Love watching 8 enjoying the bubble wrap, and G.C. too of course. She sure is good riding Princess Onna!


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