Building Fence

We only meant to stay for an hour or so.

What can I say? We got caught up in the excitement and wound up staying all day. The Goblin Child loves riding on the four-wheeler with her father, we both do. What could be more fun than spending a whole day following him around and “helping” him? My father-in-law and the neighbor were out there somewhere also working on the fence. We would catch glimpses of them occasionally on the other side of the pasture and would often come upon them in a corner deep in discussion. I’m sure it was fence related conversation.

The neighbors children got bored and decided to ride with us for awhile. It would have been very crowded on that four-wheeler had we all ridden, with three children, two adults and one dog. Instead we took turns walking and replacing fence staples knocked out by antelope, deer and cattle. Jack left us to help his father put in fence posts so once again my husband was alone in a herd of women.

By late afternoon The Goblin Child was wore out, despite the mid morning nap she took sitting on the four-wheeler, and was getting bored with the whole thing so we headed home letting them finish, somehow, without us.

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